GMAA Mission

"Helping to Build a Future"

The Gujarati Muslim Association of America (GMAA) is a non-profit organization working on the activities in social, economical and educational enlistment among the Gujarati Muslim community.

The Goals of the GMAA are as follows:·

    • To provide scholarships and financial assistance to deserving Gujarati Muslim students in India
    • To aware and update Gujarati Muslims youth on various government and non-governmental schemes for educational & employment purposes
    • To coordinate, arrange and provide human services to needy Gujarati Muslims
    • To help Gujarati Muslims living in North America in the preservation of their Islamic and cultural identity
    • To provide a forum for discussion of the problems faced by Gujarati Muslims living in North America and India
    • To encourage economic cooperation among Gujarati Muslims
    • To work for the religious, social, economical and educational enlistment of Gujarati Muslims
    • To represent the social, economical, cultural and political interests of Gujarati Muslims
    • To establish link with other organizations in India and elsewhere, dedicated to similar aims and objectives
    • To establish a permanent educational endowment fund to support various educational projects.